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ICE is an internationally renowned foreign currency exchange service with decades of experience in the foreign currency market. Our company ethos is focused on offering customers not only great value for money but excellent customer service too.

If you've contemplated scouring the foreign currency market in search of a good deal you may find it is more of a daunting task than you would think. Fortunately for you, ICE is on hand to offer not only excellent value but a new and convenient online currency exchange service that's so simple you'll wonder why you ever waited in line on the high street.

Our Click & Collect service allows customers to place a currency order at the click of a button and then all you have to do after that is make your collection and pay for your currency at your designated airport branch. You pick the currency you need and the amount required, then select an airport you will be flying from and the last port of call is a quick pick up from your chosen ICE Airport bureau de change whilst you spend the rest of your time shopping in duty free.

Click & Collect differs from other Bureau de Change's because you'll receive a discounted rate, 0% commission and a 'free buy-back guarantee.' If you are someone who takes extra cash to be on the safe-side and usually returns with unused money we can turn that extra foreign currency back into Euros free of charge.

If you're looking for a foreign currency exchange service which puts the customer first, place an order with ICE today.

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