Currency Conversion

Convert Currency at major Irish airport locations including Dublin, Knock and Shannon.

We constantly monitor our competitors rates in Ireland, including AN Post to ensure you get the most value for your money and to deliver our competitive conversion rates.

Our Click & Collect service makes currency conversion the simplest of tasks. You can convert your currency at our airport locations quickly and efficiently. Customers can pick up currency at three of Ireland's biggest airports, Dublin, Knock and Shannon, at branch locations which are easy to find in the departures area.

Once you've placed your currency order online our friendly staff will keep your currency ready on the day of collection, making sure that you're not waiting around and you're left free to enjoy the rest of your airport shopping before departing for your dream destination. Everybody wants to start their holiday as early as possible and we think you should too.

With our Click & Collect service you can reserve the currency from the comfort of your own home and benefit from a discounted exchange rate. It's the new convenient way to convert currency in Ireland with one of the best currency exchange providers in the world.

For a comprehensive currency conversion service focused on its customers, place an order with ICE today.

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