Click & Collect Currency Exchange

Conveniently located at Dublin Airport

Exchange your Euros at any of our eleven branches at Dublin (across both terminals). Online orders can be picked up at Click & Collect branches, conveniently located in departures; two in Dublin. Reserve your currency with us online to take advantage of our discounted exchange rates and 0% commission currency exchange.

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Click & Collect Branch Locations

Dublin Airport Click & Collect
(01) 8141461 / (01) 8144640

Terminal 1

Click & Collection Branch

Departures 2, Landside Area 5

Mon-Sun: 04.30-21.45

Terminal 2

Click & Collection Branch

Landside Check-in

Mon-Sun: 04.30-19.15

Foreign Exchange Branch Locations

Dublin Airport Foreign Exchange
(01) 8141461 / (01) 8144640

Terminal 1

Departures 1, Landside Area 11

Mon-Sun: 05.30-16.45

Arrivals 1, Airside baggage reclaim

Mon-Sun: 06.30-16.45

Arrivals 3, Landside Arrivals

Mon-Sun: 07.30-23.45

Pier B

Mon-Sun: Hours to suit non-Euro flights

Pier D

Mon-Sun: 05.30-20.45

Terminal 2

Airside Departures

Mon-Sun: 04.30-20.30

Airside, Baggage Hall

Mon-Sun: 04.30-22.45

CVV Landside Walk Way

Mon-Sun: 05.15-16.45

Shannon Airport Foreign Exchange

Landside Departures Concourse

Mon-Sun: 09.00-18.00

Transit Office

Mon-Sun: 05.00-16.00

Baggage Reclaim

Mon-Sun: 05.45-13.45

Arrivals Hall

Mon-Sun: 06.00-23.00

Belfast Airport Foreign Exchange

Landside Departures

Mon-Sun: 05.00-20.00

International Baggage Hall

Mon-Sun: Open for incoming International flights